Technochrist brings electronic beats with positive messages to the clubs. Many tracks have been produced the last years and many more are yet to come. We call it Electronic Worship (EW) or Electronic Dance Music (EDM). Others say Christian House or Christian Electro or sometimes Trap or Hardstyle. We want to push energetic beats with powerful messages that can make you move. We also want to encourage you to follow Jesus Christ. He brought the best message of the world to all party people 2000 years ago. We believe he danced to oriental beats these days. We are sure god wants us to dance for joy, too! Get blessed and live Kingdom-Style!

latest release

Hey guys, currently we are releasing a lot of good old stuff that was not published, yet. As you can see on our release page there are many new videos in 2019. Meanwhile we produce a new album edm/hardstyle/trap in the Kingdom Studios. Have fun with all the remixes, subscribe and follow via social media. We keep you updated!

You Have Set My Feet

Released 2012 (MWAM Records)

Video published 2018 (Kingdom MusicLabel)

For sure your feet can dance! With this energizing track Technochrist states that EDM can have powerful christian message: God sets you on solid ground!

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You have several ways to get in professional contact with Technochrist. Fans can travel to shows and events. They can also show their participation by sharing posts, doing likes and of cause listen to the music. Festival and club agencys can send their booking request. Radio and TV stations are invited to send their questions and Technochrist will find time for an live interview or via phone. Last but not least churches and clubs can ask for the live electroworship show for youth services, aftershow partys and side events. We welcome you. Let us together change the world with gods love and do something new!


2020 Mai 9, MC & DJ @ Kingdom Party, Stuttgart-Perouse

2019 December 31 - MC & DJ @ Kingdom Silvester Party, Pforzheim

2019 August 30 - September 1 Kingdom Beachparty Weekend, Munich

2019 May 25 MC Kingdom Community Party 5, Stuttgart-Leonberg

2019 March 16 M Kingdom Community Party 4, Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen

2019 February 9 MC  Kingdom Community Party 3, Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen

2018 November 24 DJ  Kingdom Community Party 2, Perouse

2018 September 22 DJ Kingdom Community Party 1, Perouse

2018 Summer "Electroworship Night 1", Stuttgart

2018 Spring "Electroworship Outreach", Stuttgart

2018 March "Electroworship Party", Stuttgart

2017 December 9 Outreach, Stuttgart

2017 November 25 Outreach, Stuttgart

2017 November 11 Outreach, HSN Karlsruhe

2017 May 28 Fortress Ulm, ICF Opening

2016 October 22 Skyline Party, Stuttgart


If you ever feel boring and you just surf the internet we invite you to our crazy youtube TV channel. We have about 100 videos, music clips, interviews with prominent people. Tell what you think about and leave comments everywhere. Our team appreciates your polite feedback.


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